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Things to consider when renovating a home

When thinking of renovating your home there are various factors that will influence the final cost. These factors can include labor, materials, and other project-specific expenses. The information provided is for general understanding and may not reflect precise project costs.

The prices listed represent our most frequently encountered and up-to-date standard rates. Please keep in mind that actual costs may vary depending on the specific details of your project.

The larger the project, the more materials and labour will be required. Furthermore, the extent of the renovations will impact the budget.

The expertise needed for electrical work, plumbing, structural, etc. can be substantial, and labour rates vary by region and contractor.

The quality and type of materials chosen for flooring, walls, and fixtures will significantly affect the price. Custom or high-end materials will be more expensive.

Custom designs and architectural changes, along with any permits required, can add to the cost.

Pre-existing issues, such as water damage, mold, or structural repairs, need to be addressed before the cosmetic aspects and can increase the project’s expense.

If you’re adding bathrooms or kitchenettes, or if you need to overhaul heating and ventilation systems, these will add to your costs.

Some work done by professional trades require permits and subsequent inspections, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structural, which can also add to the renovation’s total cost.

The finishing details, from paint to light fixtures, although they may seem minor, can add up and affect the total renovation cost.

The ease with which materials and workers can access the area to be renovated affects labor hours and delivery costs.

Renovation of a bathroom Before and after

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Pricing Guide

Full home renovation: Starting at $120,000

Full basement: Starting at $50,000

Ensuite Bathroom: Starting at $25,000

Kitchen: Starting at $40,000

3 Piece Bathroom: Starting at $15,000

Deck & Fences: Starting at $10,000

The prices provided are for reference purposes only. Actual costs will vary based on the size and complexity of each individual project